Major Highlights from the Google I/O Keynote.

Just yesterday the annual Google Event IO18 kicked off yesterday to a great start and I was excited to watch the keynote live inside my room.

Google IO18

The IO Keynote is something that developers looks forward to every year and I bring you the Key points from the event. (Note: This is my personal view and it may differ from yours).

1. Machine Learning can be used to predict Medical Events.
ML and AI were used to predict medical events by analyzing a lot of data points that would have been nearly impossible for a human doctor to manually analyze. Google could predict the chance of readmission of a patient with 24–48 hours.

2. Gmail Smart Compose
Here ML is used to suggest phrases for you while sending an email. All you have to do is hit tab to accept the suggested phrase. Rolls out this month it would be helpful for those lazy Nigerian Youths

A sample of Smart Compose in use

3.Smart Actions (Google Photos)
Smart Action just seem to read your mind and do some cool stuff for you.
It predicts who to share photos with depending on who is on the in the photo
It can fix the brightness of an image.
Auto color a black and white image.

Rolls out this year.

4. Wavenet
Google Assistant now comes in 6 different voices including John Legend’s voice.
Pretty awesome right. Feel free to play around with that.

John Legend

5. Continued Conversation
Google Assistant now supports continued conversations. This is pretty awesome because it differentiates when you are speaking to it and when you are speaking to others around.

6. Pretty Please
Google Assistant comes with a pretty please function for families. This is targeted for the children to curb bossy attitudes. Nigerian parents(especially Yoruba’s would love this)

7. Duplex
If I didn’t watch the Keynote, I probably would not have believed this.
Google Assistant can book an appointment for you. It can place a call on your behave and it handles the conversation purely on its own.
Google Assistant is the perfect Assistant.

8. Google News
A cool and smart way to keep up with the news you love right on your mobile phone. Rolled out Yesterday.

The Google News Annoucement

9. Andriod P
Adaptive Battery: This understands your patterns and spends battery on majorly the apps you care about
Adaptive Brightness: This understands how you love to set the brightness of your phone depending on the lightning currently in the room and does this automatically for you.

App Actions: This predicts the next action you would take on your mobile phone
Slices: help developers design interactive snippets of their app that can be used different places on Android
ML Kit: A great deal of APIs available through firebase. You should check out the list

10. Digital Well-being
Android Dashboard: This shows an overview of what you have done with your phone that day, the number of notifications you have received, how many times you unlocked your phone that day.

Do Not Disturb Mode: An upgrade has been made to this to not only silence calls and texts. It also limits the visual distractions that pop up on your screen.

Starred Contacts: This set of people always get through to you even in Do Not Disturb mode in case of an emergency

Wind Down Mode: This helps you put down your phone and sleep. You simply tell Google when you want to sleep and when the time is right, it switches on Do Not Disturb mode and changes your phone display to black and white.

11. Google Maps
For you: Designed to give you information about places you care about and places around you

12. Camera
Google combined the power of Camera’s, Street View and Google Maps to give a great improvement to walking navigation. This leverages on VPS and AR to give a visual impression of places.

Google Lens: This now recognizes words with smart text selection.
You can now select text from an image using Google Lens. This would be very helping for students and code copying programmers(like me).

Style Match: This helps you match things that are similar to what you are currently seeing through your camera

Companies who are partnering with Google Lens

13. Waymo
Google’s driverless car system. Should give Uber a run for its money. It was wonderful to see how ML and DL were used to detect pedestrians and predict peoples actions.

I also loved how the Google Keyboard supports Morse Code and how Google pays attention to details in fixing those emoji bugs.

The old and new emojis side by side

For more you can check out my live tweets through the event here on my twitter page here.

Check out the video of the event here

Check out summarized video of key announcements here

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